Jury Awards $100,000 to Former Cheerleader Bullied by Coach

In Georgetown County, South Carolina, a jury returned a $100,000 judgment in a case filed against the Georgetown County School District and Denetta McCray by a former high school cheerleader and her parents.

Former cheerleader Shelby Jones filed the lawsuit against the Georgetown County School District for failing to take action when Jones’ coach repeatedly bullied her.  According to court documents, Jones was bullied for many months by varsity cheer leading coach, Denetta McCray.  The suit claimed the coach made derogatory comments about the plaintiff’s body parts which caused other students to laugh at Jones.   At one point, Jones mother called the coach, and McCray admitted to making the statements as a “joke.”

The Jones’s attorney, Bill Hopkins, said the incidents were also reported to the school, but the district allowed the coach to remain in her position.  Further, the suit alleges the school failed to properly investigate the incidents and did not interview multiple eyewitnesses to the bullying. However, the school’s principal suspended the cheer leading program for two weeks, which did not punish McCray’s behavior, but instead punished the cheerleaders.

After the verdict was announced, Andrea White, an attorney for the school district stated, that the district is reviewing the options available, which includes moving for a new trial and/or appealing the verdict to the South Carolina Court of Appeals.


August 29th, 2017 at 5:57 pm