High School Football Coach Sued For Bullying

In Nevada, three former Galena High School football players have filed a lawsuit against their head coach. The suit alleges that the three boys were bullied by the coach. When they reported the abuse to the school’s principal, he told them that bullying was banned in the classroom, but not on the football field.

The lawsuit states that the incident arose over a testosterone-enhancing supplement, Boost Elite. The supplement was permissible under the Nevada Interscholastic Athletic Association rules, and all three of the boys used it. The coach, however, took issue with this and verbally berated them in front of the entire team, ripped up their captain’s papers and threw them in the locker room trash can in order to humiliate them. Shortly after this incident, the coach kicked all three of the boys off of the team.

The lawsuit claims that the coach’s behavior was inappropriate and the principal’s lack of action violated both school policies and state law. The boys’ attorney states, “…this conduct is as prohibited on the field as it is in the classroom. This coach was over the top and played a significant role in harming these boys and their future.”  All three of the boys were star players and had hopes of receiving college athletic scholarships. The suit seeks to gain compensation for economic loss, pain and suffering, and legal fees.

February 17th, 2017 at 11:01 am