Football Players’ Waivers Invalid, Appeal Allows Injury Lawsuit to Continue

In Pennsylvania, two former Lackawanna College football players can continue their lawsuit against the school for injuries that occurred during a 2010 tackling drill.  Agustus Feleccia alleges he suffered nerve damage to his arm, while Justin Resch says he suffered a fractured a vertebra.

Initially, a Lackawanna County judge said the waivers signed by the players protected the school, and dismissed the lawsuit.  However, the appeals court determined waivers were invalid because the college was allegedly grossly negligent for failing to use certified athletic trainers when the players were injured.  Lackawanna College has denied any wrongdoing.  Pennsylvania Superior Court revived the lawsuit, sending it back to Lackawanna County courts for further action.

August 15th, 2017 at 4:50 pm