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Jacobson and Lakey listed as Rule 31 mediators

Pietrangelo Cook PLC members Carl Jacobson and Jonathan Lakey have been listed by the Tennessee Alternative Dispute Resolution Commission (“ADRC”) as Rule 31 mediators. A mediator is a neutral person who conducts discussions among disputing parties to enable them to reach a mutually acceptable agreement among themselves on all or any part of the issues in dispute. The Rule 31 designation signifies that the ADRC has recognized Jacobson and Lakey as qualified neutrals. Similarly, the Tennessee Administrative Office of the Courts has listed the two attorneys among others recognized by the state for this purpose.

Mediation is a process to assist parties in the creative resolution and full settlement of civil lawsuits, both more quickly and less expensively than full blown litigation. The most effective mediators are those who have proper mediation training and significant experience in resolving disputes. Our attorneys Carl Jacobson and Jon Lakey possess these attributes and are dedicated to the successful mediation process.

Carl Jacobson has been an attorney since 1983, and has a wealth of experience in trying cases, representing plaintiffs and defendants. Additionally, he has served as a senior executive in both a large corporation and a national franchisor, giving him the business acumen necessary to quickly understand challenging issues and to help resolve disputes on a broad range of issues. Combining his vast and diverse experiences with his frank and direct approach, Carl Jacobson is a proven mediator.

Jon Lakey has been an attorney since 1994 and has been a member of Pietrangelo Cook PLC since 2005. He has represented major commercial clients in federal and state lawsuits, both as plaintiffs and defendants. In addition to his commercial litigation clients, he maintains an active personal injury practice. He also has significant experience representing governmental entities in constitutional cases. Jon Lakey’s experience navigating long-running, high-pressure disputes has made him a determined problem-solver and a committed mediator.

If you have a civil lawsuit and need effective mediation, please contact Carl Jacobson or Jon Lakey.

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