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Pietrangelo Cook announces SportsTorts and NewsroomLegal

Pietrangelo Cook PLC has launched two new blogs focused on discrete practice areas. is a blog, primarily authored by Managing Partner Anthony Pietrangelo, which focuses on new legal developments affecting liability for sports-related injuries.  Mr. Pietrangelo will highlight interesting cases and opinions, and will also address common issues of liability.  Some of the initial entries describe issues like new MLB rules dealing with home plate collisions and misconceptions about the effect of parental liability waivers for children’s sport activities.  Visit SportsTorts by clicking here. is the blog of attorney Darrell Phillips.  Mr. Phillips spent ten years working as a broadcast journalist prior to earning his law degree and uses the blog to update clients and readers on new developments in media law.  It is also an opportunity for Mr. Phillips to unravel employment issues common to working journalists like the enforceability of non-compete clauses, liquidated damages provisions, and wage and hour mis-classifications.  Visit NewsroomLegal by clicking here.


For more information contact:
Anthony C. Pietrangelo
PH: 901-685-2662
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