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Litigation over developmental center ends after two decades

After 21 years of litigation, United States District Court Judge for the Western Division of Tennessee, Jon McCalla, dismissed a large class-action lawsuit over conditions at Arlington Developmental Center (“ADC”), a state-run facility for the intellectually and developmentally disabled.  Pietrangelo Cook attorney Jon Lakey, working with the Attorney General’s office, has represented the state of Tennessee in that litigation for the past 15 years.

The ADC litigation, which implicated both constitutional and statutory issues, was originally filed in 1992 after complaints surfaced concerning allegedly poor conditions at the facility.   In January 2013, the parties agreed to an exit plan to resolve the litigation within twelve months if the state completed specified obligations.  The state fulfilled all of its obligations and, in fact, completed the exit plan two months ahead of schedule.

Mr. Lakey represents the state in another, similar lawsuit pertaining to conditions at other Tennessee institutions, which is ongoing in the Middle District of Tennessee.  In addition, he represents the Tennessee Department of Children Services in a class action involving the services provided to children in state custody.

Click here to read the announcement from the office of Governor Bill Haslam regarding the dismissal of the ADC litigation.

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